Plans for Birdhouses

As a grandpa, I am always looking for things that I can do to make lifelong memories for me and my grandson. I am a

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woodworker, well, a kind of weekend woodworker. I’ve made a number of small projects over the years – and several pretty big ones. I’ve found a lot of joy in the things I have built in my little workshop, so the thought of building something with my grandson was really appealing to me.


I spent some time at the local home improvement store, flipping through magazine after magazine searching for a project that would be fun and provide something that he would be proud to take home with him. But all of the projects I saw were either too complex for a beginner, required tools that I was not comfortable allowing him to use – or they just didn’t serve any purpose.


I was very disappointed.


I sat down with my coffee on Saturday morning and had a discussion with my wife about it. She also thought we should build something that would serve some purpose, any purpose really. After all, those in my generation remember making the obligatory ashtray in art class as youngsters.

No matter who the art teacher was, once we got out the clay, it was an ashtray.


As awful as that project sounds, it did serve a purpose during my youth. Smoking was very common and accepted in those days. Not like today.


As we were looking out the window, we noticed the birds in the trees. Almost in unison, my wife and I both said, “Birdhouses.” Of course, building a birdhouse would be a great project. It’s not too difficult, wouldn’t require a lot of power tools and would give little Kyle something he could take home and show off to his friends.

I grabbed my iPad and started searching for birdhouse plans. There were loads of results!


After opening the most obvious ones – those that said “free,” I was disheartened to see that they weren’t free after all. fbsquare250Then I found a site that offered over 16,000 plans! Not only birdhouses, but furniture, boats, log cabins…you name it, there were plans for all kinds of things.


Since I had a full workshop, I knew I would find some things I wanted to build – but most of all, there were loads of things I could build with Kyle.


I paid for the download right then and there. When I opened them up, I had plans, materials lists, easy-to-follow instructions and precise measurements.


In no time at all, Kyle and I were in the workshop sanding down the parts for our first birdhouse.


Wonder what we will build next?


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