Great Plans for Birdhouses

When I decided to build something with my grandson, I wanted to not only have fun, but I wanted him to have fun too. You know, build something useful. After looking around on the web, I found that all the “free plans” were worth exactly what I was going to pay for them – NOTHING.


We decided on a birdhouse and after looking at tons of sites on the web, I came up empty.


Of course, my grandson was looking over my shoulder for part of the time and each time he got excited about one, I clicked on it and found out that there was a drawing but no measurements – or obviously missing details.


It was then we found Ted’s Woodworking Plans.

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I came away with plans for birdhouses and birdfeeders – but SO much more! So, once we finish some of the beginner projects, we are going to select something that will challenge us a bit more and build a picnic table. Of course, as we progress, this gives me and Kyle an opportunity to go buy some new tools.


There are so many plans – so many ideas. It’s no wonder that his plans are the top selling woodworking plans on the internet. With all of the options in his package, it may be difficult to make a choice on where to start. It was easy for me since we wanted a birdhouse – but you may find it a bit challenging to settle on what to build first!


Page after page of designs that are so clear that will excite and encourage you to start building that set of outdoor furniture or bunk bed for the kids.


Don’t hesitate to pick up Teds Woodworking plans! The money you spend on these will not only save you money but you will have such a sense of accomplishment when you turn out the first project. You will get from start to finish in no time!


I know I’m not the only grandpa wanting to build something with my grandson – thinking that we would never find easy plans. Now it’s a reality for me, it can be for you too!




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